Krzysztof Iwanski is a Polish New Generation designer from Łódź that I came across relatively recently. His tactile process and inspiration with Bauhaus and Constructivism instantly struck a chord.

Krzysztof specialises in poster design – something he got into after starting a project with a café in Łódź.

In times when the streets are flooded with advertising, quality design often comes second to sales. We are surrounded with soulless posters and other marketing materials that are meant only for information, not inspiration. Krzysztof  Iwanski does not conform – he treats poster design as an art form and continues the tradition of quality and excellence of the Polish Poster.



The poster as an art form is very condensed. Snappy and strong visuals should convey the character and subject of the message we want to get across to the audience, while the mundane informational details are moved away from the main point of focus and become supplementary. Iwanski thinks that the more mass-produced posters are, the more disturbed this ratio becomes, depriving posters of their authenticity and sincerity.

Iwanski uses a tactile, collage-like technique to build his bold visuals and adds striking typography in tune with the character of the poster, to communicate the main message. What inspires me in Iwanski’s work is his hand-made process.  Computers are used as rarely as possible in his studio. In an interview with Pyragraph he admits sometimes it’s unavoidable, however he tries to steer clear of them to distinguish himself from the crowd of thousands of people who call themselves “designers” because the internet and modern technology allows them to do so.

His process is genius in its simplicity. Krzysztof plays with images and typography by ripping, crunching and drawing on it, adding dynamism and emotional charge to his designs. In other works he relies strongly on geometry and purity, and inspiration from Bauhaus is clearly visible.

Being into screen-printing myself, I love the fact Krzysztof prints all of his works using this process. It also adds to the “artisan” quality of his works and separates it from other the mass-produced posters that can be found around the city.

In the landscape of disposable, emotionless posters, Krzysztof Iwanski’s works break through the mass and attract your eye with amazing, high quality design.  I find the striking creative flow, dynamism and passion incredibly inspiring and I hope you do too.

If you would like to have a look at Krzysztof’s work, see his Behance portfolio, you can see it here.

You can also read his interview with Pyrograph here.

And a more recent article at about his work.


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