What climbing taught me about my career

Recently I've been asked to give a presentation to my colleagues about myself. I didn't want this to be your usual presentation about my family, my previous career or an opportunity to show off my portfolio. Instead, I decided to give a talk that would hopefully inspire them. And if not, one where they could look at … Continue reading What climbing taught me about my career


D&E 2016 – Day 1

Design & Emotion 2016 conference was packed with interesting talks. I went back through my notes and all of the papers in order to pick those talks that I felt were most relevant to me and my role as a designer. During the first day I listened to 14 different speakers, however there were many more … Continue reading D&E 2016 – Day 1

Inspirational work of Krzysztof Iwański

Krzysztof Iwanski is a Polish New Generation designer from Łódź that I came across relatively recently. His tactile process and inspiration with Bauhaus and Constructivism instantly struck a chord. Krzysztof specialises in poster design – something he got into after starting a project with a café in Łódź. In times when the streets are flooded … Continue reading Inspirational work of Krzysztof Iwański

Design & Emotion Conference 2016

I was very lucky to be able to spend the last three days of September in Amsterdam at the Design & Emotion 2016 conference. If you haven't heard about this event before, D&E is a biannual conference organised by the Design and Emotion Society in cooperation with other partners - predominantly educational institutions. Every edition takes place … Continue reading Design & Emotion Conference 2016